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PCmark Vantage Scores

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What This Thread Is For:

For OCC members to post and brag about their PCMark Vantage scores. Having all the scores in one place should help other members see where their system compares to other similar systems.




1- This is for PC Mark Vatage scores only.

2- If you wish to discuss a system, score, etc start a new thread.

3- Please try to include your systems specs as well if they are not listed in your signature.

4- Also, if you want your scores taken seriously you must include a compare url.


Here is mine... 6417

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I ran this test again and i only get around 7000 points, it seems PCMark Vantage is very HDD orientated. So if you running a raid 0 or even 1 raptor you will be well above 8000 points. But if you just on a single 7200rpm drive then you cant expect scores much higher than 7000.


My guess would be those people who get over 15k are using an SSD to give them mega fast reads and writes.

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i was going to make a post on here, but after looking at the posted scores i think i might not have the right settings. i'm scoring 18-19k at default settings - but i only have the advanced version (not pro) so i can't do 1920x1080 resolution. the highest i can go is (i think - im posting this from work) 1280x768 or something like that.


also, i can't post my scores - i always get errors. i don't have any problems posting 3DMark, but PCMark won't post.


update: actually, i was running 18-19k with fairly unused SSD's and a 4G overclock. after 15-18 months and a 3.8G downclock i'm running low 17k's as of this morning :(

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