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TI-BASIC -> Matlab

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Hey, guys. I just decided to pop in. I need to build a program for a school project, and I am by far more comfortable in TI-BASIC than in any other language. Would it be possible for somebody to convert this program into a Matlab script.


Some definitions: rs and rss are 2x52 matrices, rscc is a 1x2 matrix, rsh is a 52x1 matrix, and rsp, rsf, rshc, rsd, and rsturns are integer variables.


Here's the program. Thanks a lot!





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Sorry, I don't have time to step through that, but Matlab uses a pretty simple language. It's very similar to C/C++. You can do all the if/else/elseif/for/while stuff like any other language. If you aren't sure about the syntax for a command, just type "help ----". A nice thing with matlab is you don't need to declare variables. Just use them.

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