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Logitech extension stand MOD

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Quick and easy mod!

I call it... Logi-Extend-Suck-O-Stand






-Logitech extension stand

-Suction cup (mine came from an old shower rack)

-Drill and fairly small drill bit

-Small cable tie

This mod is for all you guys out there that have these Extension stand and don't know what to do with them all... I myself have 3 or 4. You acquire one from Logitech's wireless mice. Reason I have so maybe is because I have 2 wireless mice and my parents each have one too. So really all I need now is more Shower racks to through away and I'll be good but anywho...



Start by unscrewing the bottom 2 screws. Then anywhere on the bottom as long as you have 1/2 inch in between each screw your fine.




Now on this part your kind of on your own because there are different size suction cups laying around out there. On mine it had the grove where you slipped the rack bar in so perpendicular to that I drilled a hole strait through. Then I laced the cable tie through the holes making sure the head of the tie would end up in the inside of the USB apartment thing...






-note- I spray painted mine. Thats why it looks different and crappy




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Looks like ghetto mod award 2008's competition will be a bit rough...time for me to get to work me thinks :)

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