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Problems with comp, could be Bios or Mobo

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Hey guys,


I got a small problem, once in a while (started after 1 month of ownership, now every other week or more often) my system randomly reboots. All I see is a quick blue screen of death, with some writing on it, and bang, there is a reboot. The blue screen is too fast to catch anything, and even more suspicious is the fact that I'm not getting any "boot in save mode option" - boots normally.


All the system specs are in sig. I'm running XP Pro, all updated ... although I never updated bios (clueless).


What do you think? Pls help if you can.

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Overclocked? If so, return it to stock and see what happens. Other than that, run some Prime95 tests, but even better, memtest the RAM :)

Control Panel/Performance and Maintenance/System, click on the Advanced tab, under Startup and Recovery section click the Settings button.


In the System failure section, uncheck the Automatically restart check box.


Next time you get the BSOD write down the error code which may prove to be of some help. But I'm with king on this one - I bet you're experiencing memory issues. Run memtest to see what happens.

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Man I've been way to busy with school lately (it's hard going back after 5 years), so I haven't got to it.


However, I did not experienced any sudden restarts for the past few months ... but I did noticed that a lot of times system takes ages to start an app, once it's started it seems to work fine (almost any app, I assume that others are just preloaded during startup - ie. exploler).


Seems like it might still be the memory issue, so I'll run a test :) unless you might think of a better test that I might run?

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