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That is what i was referring to - I thought of developing one into a custom made 4x 5-1/4in bay res with a front mounted fan and a small showerhead type thing up top, so that the water is broken into droplettes or streams and cooled by the fan as it falls into the always half full res. The downfall that turned me away from the idea is that evaporation would happen WAY too fast, since the fan would be an opening in the loop.


A full sized waterfall system can get much closer to ambient then a regular sealed watercooling setup by breaking the water down into droplets or spray then cooling it actively, but I didn't want a 5 foot tall PVC bong contraption next to my computer :(

You can get sub ambient idle temps (possibly even load temps if you make a big enough one) with a good sized one...

I've always wanted to make one, the only drawbacks are higher water loss than a closed system and possible algae growth in your system. (inside blocks, tubes and most lilely the walls of the PVC itself)

Oh yeah and space, they certainly take up more space than even a large WC system.


I was gonna build a 6" one for my Athlon system but (as usual) it never materialized... :P



I should be the KING of noncomplete mods! (well, never started mods)


I've got a nasty habit of making a thread about a mod that I want to do and then literally never even picking up a single tool to start the mod... :(


I've got to start a mod, take pictures during the process, finish it, AND THEN post it up on OCC...

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