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P5E or Maximus Formula owners - please report MB temps

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Finally narrowed down my next board purchase to a P5E or a Maximus Formula. My goal is to run a Q9450 or Q9550 (likely the 9450) @ 8x400 or 8x450. Anyway, I've read that the NB/SB temps on these boards can be quite high and wanted to solicit some feedback from you guys.


1) What board do you have?

2) What is your overclock setting and chip (q6600 running 8x400 for example)?

3) What is your idle/load motherboard temps (like NB/SB, etc.)?

4) Optional - what are your board voltage settings?


Thanks all!

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1. maximus formula

2. it varies but i have been to 495X8 and run it at 370X11 most of the time. QX6800ES

3. can't look now. i am out of town.

4. enough voltages to turn your chip into a cinder... :lol:

unless you mean specific voltages...

if so, see item 3.


my CPU temps are about 35 at idle at go to 65-70 under load when i am at max overclock.

specs in sig.

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