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Upgrading ok PC


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Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forums and just wanted to say you guys have some awsome computers and I hope to at least deck mine out hardware wise to compete.


Can you guys take a look below and give me some advice on what to upgrade to make my machine at least worth being put up on this forum.



I currently have a stock Sony Vaio VGC RB38G





Media center

Product Form Factor



7.1 in


15.2 in


16.9 in


25.4 lbs

System type

Media center





Intel Pentium 4 550J / 3.4 GHz

Installed Qty


Max processors supported


Processor main features

Intel Execute Disable Bit, Hyper-Threading Technology


Cache Memory



L2 cache

Installed Size

1 MB

Cache Per Processor

1 MB




Chipset type

Intel 915G Express

Data bus speed

800 MHz




Installed Size

1 GB / 2 GB (max)



Memory speed

400 MHz

Memory specification compliance


RAM form factor

DIMM 184-pin


Storage Controller



1 x Serial ATA - Integrated

Controller interface type

Serial ATA-150


Storage Controller (2nd)



1 x IDE - Integrated

(2nd) storage controller interface type





Hard Drive

1 x 250 GB - Standard - Serial ATA-150 - 7200 rpm

Hard Drive (2nd)



Optical Storage




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It depends what you do with it as to what would be worth upgrading.


Probably putting in a new graphics card would give you the most notable benefit, particularly is you game at all.

I have no idea whether the PSU in that system would handle a reasonably powerful card though.



Personally I'd be starting from scratch and putting together a new build rather than upgrading bits on that, but I'm not sure if your budget allows that?

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Eventually I believe I will be going from scratch but Id like to make this machine decent. I play a lot of MMORPGS and a bit of other shooter games.


Dont have a huge budget right now that is why I am just looking at upgrading this comp. its not a bad machine but i think it needs help.



The PSU is as follows


Power device type

Power supply

Voltage Required

AC 120/230 V

Operational power consumption

305 Watt

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Does it have any more detailed information than that?


305W is relatively low powered, but if it has good enough power output it may cope with some upgrades.


You'll have to open up your case for this, but can you find out the following:


The PSU (Power Supply) should have a sticker on the side of it with some information, something like this:



The amp ratings for the 12v rails are what are most important generally.

Let me know what the sticker says, or better yet, take a photo of it.


While you are looking at your PSU, make a note of what power connectors are available and how many it has.



Your PSU will determine what upgrades you can make while still being able to power everything. Some upgrades (such as graphics cards) may require more power, and therefore a new power supply.



A more simple upgrade would be to add more RAM. This is the most straight forward upgrade you can make.

It's a good idea to take a look on your motherboard to see how many RAM slots you have available.



The bottom line is that, unfortunately pre-built computers are often difficult to upgrade as they have been designed down to certain price restrictions.

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