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Quick laptop questoin!


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Alright my stepdad recently got a new laptop from his work and gave me his old on (which is only like 5 months old) sweet deal huh! Anyway

I'm mostly using it for school and stuff as I did with my last one (which was REALLY old) but anyway I was wondering if anyone could tell me if

this lappy should be able to play any games like CS:S and stuff of that nature. I know it won't be playing COD4 and Crysis lol but I thought it might play

CS:S or WoW or something anyway I couldn't find an exact link to the laptop on the gateway website but its the Gateway MT3708 and this is its graphics. I couldn't find much for links on the stupid thing and sadly enough I couldn't even find much info about it on the gateway website. Anyway any info on its game playing capability's is appreciated.



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