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Foxconn Mars vs. DFI LP LTP35 T2R

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Thanks for your comments on my previous post concerning the Foxconn MARS Mobo.

Now I'd like your help help in comaparing it to the DFI LP LT P35 T2R mobo. I'm seeing

that a lot of folks here swear by the DFI boards & since my last post I've done some

studying on these boards & to say the least, they really look sweet & also reportedly to

be built like a tank. I'm not that much into OC'ing right now, but would like to have the

ability to do so later if I desire.

I have around $ 700.00 to spend & heres what I'm thinking of using for the present & still

have the ability to upgrade later.

1. Intel C2D E6550 2.33 CPU

2. eVGA 8800 512mb superclocked video card

3. Crucial Ballistix Tracer memory 2 gigs PC6400 PN BL2KIT12864AL804. I've alreday

been to Crucial's site & checked & this memory is supposed to be compatible & good to go.

4. PSU this has been driving me nuts; I'm looking at a Thermaltake Purepower 600 watt; also

another forum/board also suggested the Corsair 520 watt; yeah, I know that small, but a lot

of folks wrote that it can & will a system similar to what I'm thinking about.

Well, there it is; tell me what you. All comments appreciated.



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Performance across the board for P35 chipset boards is very similar. The score fluctuate a little from one board to the next. Based more on memory sub timings and chipset strap setting than much else. Now when it comes to overclocking thats where the differences are noticed. I have not tested the DFI board yet but it is supposed to be a strong overclcocking board. The Mars overclocks well, THe Abit IP35 overclcocks well also. For stock speeds the choice comes down to a brand you are comfortable with.

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