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RE: SLI Errors


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Hey All,


I have a reasonably simple question. Heres my issue. I am having trouble getting my SLI system stable, however the instability is very infrequent and near impossible to test for. I have spent over 2 weeks - 1 month trying to troubleshoot this and I have been unable to determine with confidence the cause of my issue. When in SLI mode I see BSODs and Artifacts. I am 100% confident the power, ram, and CPU are all functioning correctly. However, as it takes about 5-8 hours for an error to appear, within games it is near impossible to determine if the motherboard or one of my two 8800GTs is faulty. Does anyone have any suggestions short of RMA'ing all three components?


Q6600 (stock) w/ zalman 9700

Crucial 2GB DDR2-800

eVGA 680i LT

2x eVGA 8800 GT Superclocked SLI

WD 320 GB

PC Power and Cooling SIlencer 610

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