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please comment my new build

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e6550 w/ecs 945gct/1333 combo 150$ frys

corsair ddr2 800 pc6400 2x1gb 4-4-4-12 30$(50$MIR) frys

xfx geforece 8600gt 80$(30$MIR) newegg

seagate 7200 sata/3 320gb 65$ frys

samsung 20x dvd 202 25$ newegg

antec nsk4480 w/380W 30$(30$MIR) zipzoomfly

keyboard, mouse, 20$ newegg

viewsonic vx2240w 240$(20$MIR) zipzoomfly

total price 640$

total tax 60$(too expansive here)

total shipping 26$

final price 726$


OS:ubuntu or opensuse free


my original budget is 600$, but finally go above 700$. So i might return

8600 VC, and use onboard vc temporally. Do you think 8600 price might drop a

lot in half year? also i might return e6550 combo, go newegg get some better

motherboard with cheaper cpu.


how do u guys think of it? any comments?

the same question like other builds, can my build beat dell system?



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actually, one of my friend, who told me, ecs mobo is not bad if i do not do oc, it might lost at most 10% performance.

and I did some calculation. e6550 w/ecs will run like 2.0G but still 4Mb L2, 1333FSB, which should be better than e2140 w/giga p35.

this is why i decide to go for that combo. I am not sure this is right. and i can not get a nice review for it.




Still, do not get an ECS mobo! You'll ONLY have problems with it! I would recommend the following combination:

Gigabyte P35-S3G = 80$

Intel E2140 = 75$

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anyway, thank you for your comment. I am happy to be one member here, though i don't do oc. :rolleyes:


well in that case you should be good to go. welcome to occ.

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Maybe I got lucky but I have had, and still have one ECS MB folding 24/7, there are not much options for OC but I have not had any problems yet....

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