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computer upgrade question

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Hi everyone,


I'm just about to upgrade my computer to an intel quad core q6600 2.4ghz. I am using Cubase SX 3, for my audio production system with a digi design 002 rack as my audio interface. I will also have 2GB of ram, and 1TB of HD Space.(see my sig below for all my hardware specs)


My question is, when i upgrade the computer, will i see a difference in performance when using cubase sx 3? on this new processor? and will cubase sx 3 use all 4 cores?


I currently run a normal version of Windows XP Professional Corporate, (but i can install x64 version, if that will make a difference?)

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if you are upgrading from a 386 with 4MB of RAM running DOS 6.2 then yes


(it's hard to judge the performance difference between A and B if you don't state what A is)


Cubase SX3 is a multi-threaded app that support multiple cores/CPUs, you'll be able to run larger numbers of concurrent VSTi/DX effects and instruments, do more routing through the Cubase mixer, and just generally do more without the workload overpowering the tight latency you are working with (I try to use ~5ms or less latency)


I would recommend against XP x64 for a music production rig

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