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will i finish this one.. lol

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ok. its been a few years since i have done a build.. u would have to look back in the search pages to find it.. some are so old the pics arent there no more.. and i never finished them either... oh well


i have posted about a budget build and even that has changed, but this one i will finish, i have also gone through alot of theme ideas for the case and im still not sure where im going with it...

i think i will just have to see where it ends up..


i was thinking about going with a tribute to mustangs but being on a budget its not alll that easy.. plus its hard to find all the things i had in mind. me is thinking its where it will end up though. a tribute to mustangs.. im doing it to a theme it because i thought it would be more easy to go through a project this way, gives more posability's to what i can mod, money depending, and also its nicer to see a mod with a point to it and not juss a bunch of holes and pretty wiring..


im going to say i have had alot of inspiration to get another case going as i have been looking at a lot of mnpctech's work and it really does make u wanna do some right then.. lol mnpctech

i will also mention as im already part way through it further than i have pics atm, that there is a lot of other things i would have liked to have done already to this case.. but i know i wont have the money, the resources, or the tools i need to get my job done. anyway.. on to the build..


i love those cases that have the mob tray upside down and the window on the right hand side of the case. so im making my own.. hehe. i think the components in a pc look nicer up the other way too. so u can see all the caps and other circuitry parts.


i love using cheap towers..



bottom pic of where i cut



now all i have to do is remove a bunch of rivets, i removed all the rivets that needed to go for my whole project..



and its off



will post more pics soon. just need to find the charger for the camera batteries..

i wont go into to much detail atm. but as i cant find the charger i have missed a lot of photo's throughout this project.

anyway.. more pics soon!

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ok, so i got the batteries charged. sorry about the blurry pics, i dont think i had very good lighting inside and the weather is bad outside so..


here is a shot of how the front panel started out too



and how she looks now, i will do pics as i work now i have found the charger too..

a lot of body filler and sanding. especially without a mouse sander, but it was worth it.

grill on front (would love to have found a keyring size mustang horse to suspend in the grill using something like motherboard standoffs ) i will keep looking though as i do not have the tools to make my own..



here she is.. rivited back in position (dont know what they call this type of case. but i like them)




here u can see from the back, also i cut out the horrid honeycomb grill as u do. and yes i have new white LED fans on the way. 1xfront 1xback and one for the top panel that i havent cut yet.



window cut out but i have not filed down which is why its not been primed yet. the panel has also been attached by hinges that also have been rivited into place. hopefully the hinges wont stand out so much when i get them painted too. also i couldnt get the panel to sit flush at the front ( u can see it stands off about 1/8 of an inch ) but it still looks good. maybe not so good in the pics though..




heres a very blurry pic of a slit i had to cut about 5 or 6 inches long that i cut in mobo tray where the 5.25 cage screws to the top panel.



now heres a spot of luck!! the hole in the mobo tray sits in a very nice spot in the back, so i didnt have to cut holes for mounting screws for the cd and hard drives. saying that, i never know. so i will probably cut them out anyway. but just the slits and holes. i do not want to weaken it structually by cutting out one big space there..



u can see a lot of dust still sat inside the case chassis from the sanding of the body filler. hehe.. dont worry i painted the panels individualy so i didnt get dust on them as i painted. i just sanded them on the chassis, i found it easier is all. except now ive got to give the chassis a thorough wash b4 i can paint it now.. i also have a fan hole to cut in the top one in the bottom where the power supply sits, and i also have to create some mounts for the power supply as the chassis was designed for the other way up. im thinking about raising the floor up that inch or two so the power supply can rest on the bottom, with some padding under power supply for noise dampening of course. it will also give me a hollow space in the floor to hide cathode cables or any other unwanted cable mess.


im looking at the dupli-color mirage painting system u can find at some auto stores like autozone.its a flip based paint i will link it here mirage by dupli-color

if u click the video demo area to the left it shows u how to apply and how it looks. i am not sure on what color scheme i am yet to decide that, but im liking the sound of the top one thats called ice kit, its a rainbow of color... mmmm multi color!!

a lot of things i am doing here i have not done b4 and its going ok.. so far. that primer is going on good too.

i will also be doing my own etched window panel with something like this on it. will be my first attempt at that too.



well so far that all folks.. should be doing more work on it soon

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haha.. i only seen this case once b4. i dont know if u guys know the linear guy who does mods. he has a tutorial page too. and one of the pc's he did was the same case too


have more updates on their way

mainly painting though.. priming etc

post pics as soon as i can

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