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new system plan E4500

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I am thinking DIY a desktop myself. here the components:


Intel core 2 dual e4500 w/ ECS 945 motherboard 120$ (ECS mb might sell for 10-20 bucks in ebay, no idea right now)


Msi P35 neo motherboard 60$


Xfx geforce 8600gt 256mb 128 bit xxx video card 80$


Seagate 320gb sata/300 16mb cache 65$


Corsair DDR2 pc 6400 800 2gb 30$


Samsung 20x DVD burner 25$


Logitech keyboard 8$


Microsoft mouse 10$


Antec NSK4480B case w/ 380W 30$


Viewsonic VA2016w 22" wide LCD 180$


total, 608$ before tax.


I just wonder can I beat any Dell E4500 desktop deal.


Please give me your suggestion. thanks

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that psu is prolly a bit crap so i would go for a proper brand one.


What are you going to use it for because an 8600 is a bit weak for gaming and if you are just surfing the net is prolly overkill lol.

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