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Top 5 Things That Piss The Hell Out Of You!

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well, i was just gonna read the lists and get a laugh, but I guess after hopping on AA:O and this happening, I'll post in here...


1) My computer crashing

2) My computer crashing

3) My computer crashing

4) My computer crashing

5) My computer crashing


Holy crap, I get paid tomorrow and I vow to upgrade with this check...

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Slave Zero you need a friend and the reason girls dont like you is cause you act like a




4.Stinky Mean person

5.A no0b

No beef but calm down life is wut you make it. Im happy and all i have is my comp so get a life man its ok dont blame girls because of your sorry . attitude. :withstupid:

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1. Not being able to properly remove Messenger and having it sign in when you are talking to someone on trillian.

2. People who complain about things that need yugrading when they have plenty of it allready. (an idiot i built a PC for upgraded to 2GB of RAM from 1GB just to fill the empty ram slots)

3. People who OC the crap out of their PC's and then have a major b!tch about why the cant have their refund

3 56K people who complain about being cicked from servers

4. Living in Australia where computer parts cost twice as much

5. Building a $3000 computer for someone and then they refuse to buy it because they purchased a HP.

6. having to continuosly re install XP becaus eit does not like machienes that have multiple OS's installed on them.

7. Spending hours trying to find a hardware problem on your sisters computer and being constantly told to hurry up

8. Having to reinstall XP on a firend's computer and having his older siste continuously asking you when she can use Messenger.

9. Having to write a 3000 word essay on why it is not a good ideat to change things in the BIOS after you dissabled the onboard lan on 150 school computers

10. having to reenable the onboard lan on 150 school computers.

11. People who complain about how un overclockable INTEL motherbords.

12. People who lock their BIOS and then crap up their comps and then ask you to fix it and then when you need to get into the BIOS to fix it they have forgotten their password.

13. People who leach at LAN's and clog up the network.

14. CASE MODDERS with .ty systems (i.e. spend the money upgrading your PC before spending a .load on cold cathodes, case windows etc, when half the money would have them a better system)

15. People in particular relations who f88k arround wiht your PC and then change or dammage things.

16. People who argue over wether a MAC or a x86 system is better when they are thrying to compare apples with orranges

17. People who argue over wether an Intel or a AMD system is better when they are thrying to compare apples with orranges

18. People who argue over wether Nvidia or ATI is better when they are thrying to compare apples with orranges

19. Windows XP's Physical memory dumps

20. Windows 95

21. Windows 98

22. Windows 98SE

23. Windows ME

24. Windows NT 4.0

25. Windows 2000

26. Windows XP Home

27. Windows XP Pro

28. All other non mentioned versions of windows

29. The origional blue screan of death

30. The advanced windows XP blue screan of death

31. Bill Gates

32. People who complain that their system is never good enough

33. Compaq

34. HP

35. e machiene

36. Ipex (australian only version of HP)

37. Parents who will not let you take your PC anywhere because it might get dammaged

38. Biased computer know it alls

39. Ebay - everythings to expensive and no one ships to Australia

40. People who think that an AMD chip will run faster than the intel chip because it has a plus sign attached to the end of it.

41. People who spend more money on one part of their computer than the rest of it put together

42. People who team kill

43. People who think that it is the quantty of ram that counts not the speed that the ram runs at.

44. People who argue that DVD+R/RW is better than DVD-R/RW.

45. Having a total richard cranium of a computer administrator at school that does nothing but restrict the web pages that you can visit.

46. Having to use a Pentium 1 166mhz with 64MB SIMM RAM running windows 2000 pro in english (power on to arriving at the desktop 15 minutes +)

47. Having so many fans in your computer that it sounds like your sitting next to a jet aircraft.

48. Being payed out by a group of girls at school about being a computer nerd untill you shut down the computers that they are useing

49. Having only 24 hours in one day

50. Having to stop writing down this list of annoying things so that people do not fall assleep when they read it.

*brings up his half ton* (sorry slave zero)


"oh so i was only supposed to put down five. "

"never mind maybee next time"

"oh next time i'll try and put down a full ton"

Edited by James Bond

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1 - The State of Society

2 - Bills

3 - Certain Laws & Most Cops

4 - Bastards (people who cheat, kill, rape, etc.)

5 - Internet Lag


and the contender award goes to - Baseball.


BASEBALL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Slave zero I think aol cd's make excellent cup holders and that their packaging makes great kindling.

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1.) Intel Cpus

2.) People who say that their intel is better than all of the amd processors

3.) fat people who eat twice there weight everyday

4.) rich snobs

5.) microsoft

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1. ASUS A7V333 Fried 2 1900+ xp's and everything was installed perfectly fine, I even had my dad's IT check it out after the first one and we tried diff. everything. The mobo was fawked, and i got an RMA on it, and it never worked still, i think they sent the same one back.

2. People who r wanna be pc nerds :P

3. People who post really bad annoying links on IRC, they should have their nads put between a vice and have it closed slowwwwwwwly.

4. People online with the names (the one, zerocool, acid burn, crashoverride, crash and burn, neo, morpheus, anyone with a name from a movie, which also implements that they suck)

5. Bad DDR ram, that is like 10-10-10-25 timings.

6. LaG|Deadly a clan member who runs his p4 @ 3.8ghz and his pc totaly pwns mine.


Things I like:


www.lividandgifted.com || UT anyone irc.progameplayer.com #lag (i r LaG|hw`)


Going 25-0 on deadly's sad arse and then making fun of his amazing ub3r nice pc


#overclockersclub.com which no one ever goes in


Skittles/Sweet Tarts/Jolly Ranchers/Bawls :D @ least it isn't 50 things

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1.Aol 9.0


3-jack asses like you

4-life it self


6-bill gates


8-bill gates and Monkey6915 craping each othere and calling each othere slave zero

9-Most humans



12-lake of music


14-Monkey6915 and bll gates sucking each othere off and calling them self bob


15-wrong numbering

18-bad spelling


20-things that go bad

21-this list i dont feel like adding too i been haveing a good but bad so ....Go beat Monkey6915 in the . for all i care

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3.Lamers who spam a forum just because they think it is cool to have a high post count

4.More sources needed!!!!

5.14 yr. olds who think they know what they're talking about and then spam a board with unintelligent babble which only confuses the eager reader.

6.msn messenger

7.any type of instant messaging including irc

8.More sources needed!!!!

9.Any kind of program from aol except winamp

10.Fly by night forum posters, there here a couple days then theyre gone!

11.ingrown toenails, OUCH!

12.People who dont search forums before posting!

13.People who dont share files on kazaa(biatches!!)

14.Charlies angels full throttle(is it just me or did that movie suck!!!)

Edited by andrusk

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Certain things in my life have happened where this needs to be repeated...


1) People who assume a kid (like myself) must know nothing about computers because it takes "YEARS" of technical training to learn that an IDE cable can only go in ONE WAY and PCI cards can only go in ONE WAY! ARGHHHHHHHHH

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- People who think they have the best computer just because they have an extra MHz or 2

- People who don't listen to you when you tell them they need a router or a hub and another ethernet card (my neighbor)

- Windows XP

- People who judge other people or think they are better because they have a higher post count

- My dad (said i would have my new computer on monday and its not here yet :angry: )

- Pop-Ups or banners on so called "free" web hosts

- Hotmail (stupid bastards)

- People who can't take a joke

- People who think they are smarter then you because they have been here an extra day!

- People who make a post telling me to name the top 5 of something when you know i will have more then 5 things to say :lol: jk bout this one

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