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Top 5 Things That Piss The Hell Out Of You!

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People that come to you for help, after they . up thier computer, and won't listen or argue with you.


Die hard mac fans. Just wait guys, your suffering on the mac will be over soon enough.


P4 vs Athlon XP debates. LEAVE THE DEAD HORSE ALONE!!!!!


People that buy a computer on name alone (dell, comcrap, hp, evilmachines)


People that buy a system cuz it's on sale. god forbid you actually get the computer you wanted for $200 more, NO had to get the one on sale and dump another $300 into upgrading




People that go into retail stores and buy stuff just becasue it's on sale and have NO clue what they're buying.






any other offspring of unix.


people who bash xp because the believe the media rumors of this "big brother stuff" that's NOT there in most cases, or can be easily disabled.


people who feel microsoft's prices on thier os's are too high. ya know what compaired to linux's free os YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR


People who do silly things to their computers (jake) like get a nice modded case, put in a cyrix 600mhz, ecs board, tnt2, 64mb and a pair of 5gb drives... as it was said before "power before looks"

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1-people who list less then 10 things

2-people who ######

3-sleeping over at a friends house and wakeing up with there dick up you'r . and win u ask what there doing they say..."momma didnt want none today"so they crap u like there mom's and then put it in you'r mouths :blink:

4-people who thinks haveing . with the pc will make more computers....:i tryed it and it NEVER works

5-people who makes up some sick crap :ph34r:

6- bill gates

7- bill gates

8- bill gates

9- bill gates

10-fools who think young people cant fix a pc cause there not old and didnt go to 5 years of college and they cant even brun a craping cd :withstupid:

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Well im gonna add that im with big red on the power before looks. And slave zero was that humor?


1.People That dis your computer because theres is a higher number (like my friends xp2200 over my old 2100).

2.People that say computers are boring cause there is nothing to do on them.....?what the heck

3.Gay people

4.Some blacks

5.Da girls that bite my dick when i forget to tell them something. MWWUAHAHAHAHA

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Monkey, why must you use such language and numbers 3 & 4. While I'm not either of those, I resent your comment. I'm asking you nicely to please remove those comments Otherwise, I'll seek the assistance of a moderator, and I dont think Linux or D3 or Bishop will be that happy...

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hmmmmmm top 5 things i hate are:

1). things that dont involve sleep....

2). Macintosh's

3). volcompimps's freaking mom......

4). more things that dont involve sleep....

5). .....Goodbyes.....(TEAR)....

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-I didn't have time to read every post, but one thing that really pisses me off is the tech support people who can't really speak english.

-Another thing is Compusa. There have been a number of times when I have called and asked if they had a certain product in stock, I'll be on hold for five minutes and then get a "No we don't have that product in stock at this time". What I really hate about it is every time right after I hang up, I will go to the Compusa that I called and with about five minutes of looking, I will find the product I was looking for! I wish people knew how to look for products in their own store.

-Rounded cables at Compusa. Why are they $20? Most stores have them for under $10.

-The people that don't speak english and work at Compusa. Its so hard to get what you are trying to say across to them.

-Physical Memory Dumps. I get these stupid things all the time and know one will tell me how to fix them.

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in defense of compusa it's VERY store dependant. where I worked there were two of them within 3/4 of a mile on the same street.


One store was known for horrible customer service, while the one I was at always got the customers pissed off at the other store. we also took it upon ourselves to order rounded ide cables from other vendors and get a better price. those cables you saw in the store cost compusa less than $1 each! and to think I was the tech manager who priced the other ones and ordered them. I set the price at $4.50 for em. Couldn't keep em in stock for more than a week if I was lucky. They stopped that policy shorty before I left compusa. had something to do with one of our vendors walking in and wanting to know why one athlon xp 2000+ was marked at $199.99 and another with a different sku was marked at $99.99. I did like the price so I fould a better vendor. Ironically that vendor was computer builders warehouse who was right across the street from us.

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Mine are.....


1) MAC's


2) MAC users, they believe anything....


3) AMD guys that bash Intel.... We need them both in the game guys!!!!


4) AMD guys that bash Intel.... You have to say everything twice to them!!!


5) Not having enough time to mess with my computers!!

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Well, I am going to add some more.


1. Monkey6915

2. Monkey6915

3. Bill Gates

4. All forms of M$...except pretty much have to, to game.

5. Monkey6915

6. Spammers on the boards

7. People that don't listen

8. Computer freezes

9. Monkey6915

10. Monkey6915


There's my list, could of gone to 50 though...

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