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Top 5 Things That Piss The Hell Out Of You!

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Lets see... only 5 huh?


btw I work in a safeway deli thats why I have so many customer related ...complants...


1. People ask for a pound of "the ham or the turky", I ask which one, they say "the one thats on sale".... when we have 5 diffent kinds of ham or turky, 2 or 3 of which are on sale at any given time.


2. When one of my coworkers, who I will not name says "Jeff, customers" when I am doing other, nessary tasks or doing somthing for another customer.


3. Safeways policy that not department, no matter what time of night it, is ever closed. Keep in mind that the last person leaves at 10.


4. Safeways fanisation with job enlargment while at the same time cutting back on hours.


5. People who can't seem to get off the cell phone and order or do not pay any attention to me when it's my job to help them or ring them up. All I want for christmas is a device that blocks all cell phone reception withen a 5 foot radious of my person. The phrase hang up and drive has other applacations.

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i know what you mean man, ppl at the pizza place i work at do the same thing, they will be standing around chit-chatting, and ill be working my . off cleaning dishes, and they will be like "uhh jake, can you get us some more ice?" i have to restrain myself from telling them to "go get your own crap ice"... its still crap annoying :angry:

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1.) Microsoft (any)

2.) 56k

3.)America Off Line

4.) Intel

5.) ppl that say amd athlon xp's overheat too much. (NO THEY DO NOT!!!!)

6.) ppl that say they need memory, when they actually mean They are low on HDD space.

7.)Did i mention Intel???

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9. People that in the US and I see them at Pickets...Talking trash about the US... GET OUT!!

10. People that say if the draft ever came...there not going to war....

11. People that make money off of flags,and other post 9-11 stuff...

12. BILLS... If stops me from buying crap I really want!

AMEN cwindsor I'm active Duty Air Force and I know exactly what you mean

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1) ppl that call the internet "Online"

2) pop ups

3) BSoD

4) ppl who act like they know everything

5) 10 year old wanna be hackers

6) humans

7) humans

8) humans

9) fat hairy humans lol

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2-Rich Dumb people

3-poor ppl


5-Pop up add


7-My self


9-56kers saying there faster then my dsl win they think dsl means "dumb sorry losers"which they are

10-girls they won't stay with nerds

11-anime haters on a t3 line hacking anime sites killing them all

12-You'r mom and dad

13-Aol and if u don't know why go kill you'r self

14-people asking how i download at 900kb a sec on dsl and wanting to know how


16-bill gates

17 bill gates

18-kids under 25 years old

19-people that buy alienware computers for there looks and not geting a nice toshiba or something and then ###### a bout it not working

20-people that use there cd roms as cup holders


22-people saying there computer is better then my 2 year old one and there's is a dell

23-prono sites with adds and no 13 year old girls :unsure:

24-People that try to put hard ware in and they think hard ware and then ask for help geting there computer clean after it's all covered in cum


26- people that make a long list

27-Whom ever isnt a sexy girl

28-That the matrix is cut in too 2 parts and not a 4 hour long movie

29-grammer less people

30-fat lazy pigs that right a long list and try to make u read it and they have no grammer and there hairly and only of a low Iq of 140 and is gf less with a hp computer and a slow dsl and hates a lot of things and that never shuts up and miss speeelllls so meny words it isnt funny and got to wait 1 more year befor he can learn to drive and lan partys are over a hour long trip to it and then my computer crash and Gose using ohtere ppl's computers win there not looking and stills a hard drive or too :ph34r:

31-people that are so ugly that they break the cam

32-Nerds that eat all the pizza up at the last lan party

33-I never won nothing at the last lan party and my brother won 200 bucks and i lost 5 bucks ...maybe u know me now


35-things from othere worlds puting things up my butt

36-star terk fans "just the old shows"

37-people with 390 gb hd bitching they have no hard drive space

38-bill gates

39-Sore losers

40-pokemon fans that color there computers like one and then shows it off and wins a door price

41-School computers

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I could of kept going to 100 or a nice 500 but i wanted to be nice and let u read most of it with out becomeing happy...... :unsure: Life sucks........I dont got much free time just like ..hmm 23 hours and 59 mins and 59 sec and 99qs :withstupid: who wants some wafflers? :ph34r:

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1-girls that u ask out that say no


3-bill gates


5-400ib girls eating in a small litte tow file named "cute litte ."a friend gives you on you'r brithday


I'll give you a new 5 every day prob...

see i havent even stated the cover of this yet

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1.) Those Messenger pop-ups that advertise software that gets rid of Messenger pop-ups for $19.95 when you can do it yourself in 2 seconds.


2.) Microsoft NT


3.) The p.o.s. Dell at work that has Microsoft NT.


4.) Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint and all other Microsoft software people who think its the best/only stuff out there.


5.) Window XP's preference to use Microsoft drivers instead of what came with your hardware.


Bonus: Microsoft for crushing all the companies that could have made a better, more popular OS.

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