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Bootup failure

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Help Please!

This is the first time that I assemble a PC for OC purpose with:

P5K Premium


Kingstone 4G DDR2 1066 (KHX8500D2K2/2GN) as specified in the Asus Guide Book

ATI Sapphire HD 2600xt

Corsair 520W PS


With the BIOS in default mode, every time the PC starts up and immediately comes this message: Overclocking faild, Press 1 for BIOS Setup, press 2 to set up default.

The other problem is that when rebooting (either in Windows or Reset) the PC will not reboot unless I switch off the PS and back on.

I have exchanged the MB twice, tried another PS, no success.


Asus tech support says it is the Memory. I have tested each memory module by itself, i different slots, no success. Although Asus specifies this particular memory in their Guide Book, Asus said that they DO NOT test if the memory actually works...


I am not familiar in setting the BIOS ADVANCED values for OC.

I have spend days.... please help!

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Download Memtest and run it.....


if I am reading your post correctly...

Seems that you already know that the memory is bad or that there is a mem setting off.....



Thanks for replying!

Now, what mem test are you talking about?


if a mem setting is off, shouldn't the "auto" setting take care of being set "right"?

Besides the voltage and the 5-5-5-15 setting specified by Kingston, (and I have tried setting these values manually without success) what other setting should/could I try to adjust. I coul use some education....

Thank you!


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