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NVidia Readies Duel Chip, Single Chip 9800GX2, 9800GTX and 9800GT

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I wonder how these new cards are going to preform.


I mean the 9800gtx and the 9800gt look the same as the 8800gtx except they have a couple of new features added like 65nm gpu and dx10.1 support and other things as well. They will probably preform better then there predecessors but the question is how much better and is it worth it to go and shell out 300-400 dollars for one of these new cards?


The 9800gx2 looks like it might do much better then the other cards because of its 2 gpus and I red some ware its suppose to have 256 stream processors dunno if thats true or not but it might be the kind of card everyones been looking for to be able to play dx10 games with everything maxed out and still be able to get a high fps rate. But it will probably have a high price tag of 600-700 dollars making it not an affordable option to everyone.

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this just comes across like the inquirer.



tom's also makes it sound like nothing outside of a die shrink with minor revisions.



plus a "dual" (NOT DUEL) chip card should theoretically perform more than 30% faster than it's single chip brother it's replacing.

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