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How fast can I get?

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Hey everybody, I am new here but have read alot of the discussions and seems like you all know what you are talking about. I need some help.


I have a newer Dell Latitude D830, it came with 2GB of memory in it but I recently upgraded because I have some heavy duty programs to run and I want to go ahead and max it out. The memory that came with it was 2GB at 667MHz. The memory that I have to put in it is 'PC2 6400 DDR2 SODIMM @800MHz' I have two new sticks of 2GB so it will be as much RAM as I can put in it. (I purchased two new ones because I have read it is better to install RAM in kits because there is less of a chance of a compatability problem.)


I have the Intel Core 2Duo T7700 @2.40GHz.


My question is should I have purchased the cards at 667MHz which is what was already in it, or will the 800MHz work and will they be any faster?

I know it has something to do with the FSB.


I am looking at the OCZ models: memory stick PC2 6400 DDR2 SODIMM that runs at 800MHz vs. a PC2 5400 DDR2 SODIMM that runs at 667MHz?


Yes, I do realize that it will only register that I have 3.5GB because I have a 32bit operating system.

Any information about this would be great.

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those new sticks you have will run fine.....but at 667Mhz, but it will still be faster simply because you have the extra ram. Might have saved a few quid getting the slower stuff but it shouldnt really matter.


you can check what speeds they are all running at with cpu-z (bearing in mind it will appear at half of 667 due to DDR which you may or may not know about)

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I downloaded the CPU-Z, when I look under the Mem7ory tab it says that my DRAM Frequency is 332.5MHZ which is about half of 667MHz, so I guess this is what is should be. So my computer would run just as fast with the 667MHz RAM, but having the 800MHz in it isn't hurting?


Another thing that the CPU-Z says under the SPD tap is where it says Max Bandwidth, it has 'PC2 6400-(400M Hz)' shouldn't it say 800MHz or should that also be half?


Now that I have that CPU-Z program does anyone know what my Core Speed, Bus Speed, Rated FSB should be?

Mine are showing as:

Core Speed-1596MHz

Bus Speed-199.5MHz

Rated FSB-798MHz


Anybody with any Idea about this please give me some information. If it sounds like those numbers are where they should be could somebody please let me know. Thanks.

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