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Intel Q6600 + MSI P65 Platinum


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First off, sorry if I offend any of you experienced individuals in here. I have read around for days to get a simple answere to a simple newbie question. Is this all safe for my system? I currently have the MSI D.O.T (Dynamic Overclocking) enabled, which MSI states is more stable than manual overclocking. I seem to find different as I read up on the web. MSI also gives you FSM jumpers on the board to set to 200, 266, or 333 Mhz FSB. Tried manual with the jumper on 333 Mhz with a multiplier of 9 and changed nothing else and the system seemed to run cooler, but again that bumped my frequency to 3.0 Ghz and the FSB to 1333 Mhz. The I tried the multiplier at 8 and it changed the frequency to 2.6 Ghz, which seems to be a safe overclock, but the FSB was still at 1333 Mhz The processor specs are 2.4 Ghz and 1066 FSB Mhz. So by doing this is it safe for the life of the CPU and motherboard. Also if I am not doing something that I should please I am open to any advice. I just don't want to screw anything up and there are so many different opinions out there I just get confused. I could just use a straight forward group of settings to try as a starter.


The attachments are with D.O.T enabled only.






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