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BSOD - 8800GT problem or driver driver bug


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Hello All,


I received the following stop error while loading Windows XP.



According to Microsoft Windows Error reporting, Microsoft attributes the fatal error to the following:


ORIGINAL: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=293078


" This issue might occur if the graphics adapter is caught in an infinite loop while it waits for the video hardware to become idle. This issue typically indicates a problem with the video hardware or that the graphics adapter cannot program the hardware correctly."



They suggest updating my video drivers to resolve the issue, however I am currently running the latest forceware drivers from nVidia's website. (169.21 WinXP) MS also hints at ponential hardware issues, but i feel as if this is quite unlikely and the crash would most likely be attributed to driver issues. Am I correct in this assumption? This crash has only happened once upon load and I have seen no recurrances of it since.


My System Specs:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ Stock (Cooler: Zalman CPNS9700 LED)

RAM: Crucial Ballistix 2 x 1GB DDR2-800

Mobo: eVGA 680i LT SLI

Graphics: 2 x eVGA 8800GT Superclocked SLI

Hard Drive: Western Digital 320GB

Optical LG CD/DVDR

PSU: PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610

Case Coolermaster CM-690


Any comments on this issue I experienced? Suggestions?


- Thanks, pp3rkut.

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try reverting to an older forceware driver imo, take the driver out of the equation

Thanks for the response Agallion.


However, my problem is it is virtually impossible to replicate the error. I have not seen a recurrence of the BSOD since it's first happened, thus it will be hard to determine if a new driver indeed fixes the problem. What I need is a way to determine if there is actually something wrong with one (or both) of my cards. If I can conclude that there indeed is nothing wrong with either of my 88GT's, then I can safely assume it is a driver bug. However, I do not know of any such methods of specifically testing a video card for errors, per say. As a result, I come to these forums wondering if anyone has a solution. (maybe some soft of "memtest" variant for gfx cards??) Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please correct me if any of my assumptions are wrong.



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i would put 3dmark06 in a loop, if you're wondering about stress-testing your cards.


Thanks for the tip. I'll leave it running for a day, if it succeeds I'll figure that it simply was a random bug in nVidia's drivers.

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