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Just finished new build


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Hey all, just got my 64 bit rig up and running. I have the following as my setup:

Intel QX9650 stock clocks

4 gig DDR2 @ 800 from Crucial Ballistix

2 x 150 gig Raptors

2 x eVGA 8800 gtx ultras in SLI

eVGA 780i mobo

Soundblaster X-fi Elite

30 inch HP LCD


3dmark06 score: 17,062


Cinebench 10 scores:

Rendering (Single CPU): 3867 CB-CPU

Rendering (Multiple CPU): 13610 CB-CPU


Multiprocessor Speedup: 3.52


Shading (OpenGL Standard) : 4830 CB-GFX


I wanted to see if I can get a 20k but I still need to figure out how to oclock my CPU and my vid cards. My vid cards right now cannot be oclocked because nTune causes my machine to BSOD so I will have to look around for some workarounds. What do you guys think?

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Ouch you guys are harsh! :O


I was looking around doing some research on the nTune issue and the BSODs and I found out that most owners think that piece of software is to put it lightly.......and they recommended using Coolbits. I guess a registry tweak is needed and there are some articles on SLIZone on how to get it to do oclocking on SLI setups. I am going to try that as soon as I get home. It would be cool if I can crack 20k with a tad bit of oclocking but meh.


I still have a lot of setup to do on that rig but its fun to do though getting to assemble that rig was a mighty pain in the rearside!


I realize benchmarks are not all that the rig is for. I have run one game so far and thats GRAW...and I have it maxed out at 2560 x 1600 and it runs without any stutters at all. It is pretty stunning! (Especially since i upgraded from a 3.4 ghz prescott 9800 mobility agp setup) I was having lots of tearing issues which I cured by turning on vsync and that took care of that. I guess that just proves the rig has more than enough juice to max that game out. I gotta beat that game, then move on to GRAW 2 then R6 : Vegas...I will be busy for a while

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That is one fancy-@$$ computer although I would have went with two 8800GT 512MB or two 8800GT 512MB video cards.

You mean 8800GT or 8800GTS cards ;)


Hey surya, a very nice rig you have there! Do not use nTune, it's one of the worse software overclocking utilities out there, things like SetFSB or ClockGen work better. However, the best overclocking utility is still your BIOS ;)

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ATiTool works well to OC 8800 cards, or RivaTuner... one/both should work in Vista


atitool makes my pc crash I don't know why, but rivatuner has never let me down. graphics oc that is, cpu oc is all in the bios baby.

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Updated scores:



3DMark Score 17296 3DMarks

SM 2.0 Score 6391 Marks

SM 3.0 Score 8230 Marks

CPU Score 5306 Marks


Graphics Tests

1 - Return to Proxycon 53.759 FPS

2 - Firefly Forest 52.754 FPS


CPU Tests

CPU1 - Red Valley 1.737 FPS

CPU2 - Red Valley 2.593 FPS


HDR Tests

1 - Canyon Flight (SM 3.0) 93.68 FPS

2 - Deep Freeze (SM 3.0) 70.926 FPS


I tightened the memory timings up a bit to 4-4-4-15 instead of 5-5-5-18 that my mobo was defaulting the memory to. So far everything is stable. Probably going to drop it 4-4-4-12 and see how it goes. I think that freed up some points for me.

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I just oclocked the CPU to 3.4 ghz and 1600 fsb and memory timings are at 4-4-4-12 now. I have TM1 adn TM2 enabled in the BIOS so when not under load it runs at 2.4 ghz coz the multiplier drops to 6. This is the final result of that tweak. I am quite happy with it :) Realistically it seems with a 4 ghz oclock if I do it, I can come quite close to 20k hehe. I have yet to tweak the video clocks though. What do you all think?



Main Test Results


3DMark Score 18175 3DMarks

SM 2.0 Score 6917 Marks

SM 3.0 Score 8375 Marks

CPU Score 5686 Marks


Detailed Test Results

Graphics Tests

1 - Return to Proxycon 57.915 FPS

2 - Firefly Forest 57.365 FPS


CPU Tests

CPU1 - Red Valley 1.872 FPS

CPU2 - Red Valley 2.763 FPS


HDR Tests

1 - Canyon Flight (SM 3.0) 93.794 FPS

2 - Deep Freeze (SM 3.0) 73.696 FPS

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