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mobo and memory questions-help please

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Can anyone help me? My question is I have a pentium d-3.46EE and the p5wd2-e mobo with corsair xms2 memory (4-1g sticks) and I was wondering if;


Are there any other different mobo's that I could use with this processor (975x chipset)?


running xp-pro 32bit is my board running ddr2 speeds even though 32bit only recognizes 3gig or do I need 64bit?


want to upgrade memory to 8500 (1066-on board and cpu) cuz fsb is 1066 but will the current board use it?


any help wouold be greatly appreciated!!



black kandalph case

2-maxtor 250-raid 0

1-maxtor 200 sata

1-maxtor 120

dual plextor 16xsata dvd-rw

koolance exos sytem

danger den cpu, vga and north bridge water blocks

pentium D 955-EE 3.46 overclocked to 4.1

4-1g corsair xms2 pro ddr2 667

sapphire radeon x800 pro vga

creative sound blaster x-fi-fatality platinum

klipsch pro-media ultra 5.1 speaker system

danger den 120mm blackice raditor and fan in series with koolance

pc power and cooling turbo 510w sli power supply

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