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New to the forums, figured I would say What's Up!


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hey there. I have have viewed articles on the site several times in the past and figured, "Why not sign up for the forum." I have done desktop and server based repair work for around 5 years. I am also an avid gamer; mostly playing the Unreal Tournament series. I also have been playing alot of TF2 lately, and I have also had this wierd itch lately to play BF2 again *shrug*.


I also work with a company to do live shoutcast of competitive gaming, online and LAN. I currently do casting for the UT series and have done so for, well hell, the last year. The current company I work with is the Electronic Revolution broadcasting Network, www.E-Rev.Tv .


Either way, great site to the OCC people and I look forward to continue to check out the site.

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