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CM Stacker 830 - Thoughts?

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This is the case I'm planning on getting. I don't know if any of you remember my posts a while back about my senior project and my plans for a new rig, if you do then here is an update. As it stands I just had a job interview yesterday (Finally) but I don't know yet if I have the job. In ether case I don't think I'll have the money to finish the build before my deadline. So as I mentioned a while back I'll just have to throw my computer into a new case for the project and just save to build a new rig later.


So now I've got to pick out a new case to throw my current computer in for the project and present it in the new case. I planned on using the CM stacker 830 for my new build but as I said I won't be building a whole new rig for me senior project so that will come at a later time. For now I just want some opinions on this case thoughts and comments. Maybe some suggestions on a different / better case. I really like the looks of this case and the functionality it seams to provide. I probably won't be using the 4 120mm rack that it comes with. (maybe later when I have my new rig build and im OC'ing again) I'm looking for the Cadillac of computer cases. This seams to fit my needs pretty well.


One extra question I have about this case in specific is, is this the model that was revised to fit the 1000watt power supply's? (The original version of the stacker didn't fit the 1k watt PSU's so they did a revision and came out with a new model but I don't know which that is) I think its the 831 / 832 or some new version like that but I'm not sure. Anyway any info anyone has on the case or experience with it is appreciated. Thanks!



- P.S Happy Holidays!


Edit: I think the stacker 831 just has some water cooling additions to make routing tubes a little easier. (Holes pre cut in the back of the case with molding) But I still don't know which version was revised to fit a 1k watt+ size PSU.

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