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Post Your Workstation!

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Hi all,


I'm new to this forum, but I'd like to post specs of my HW:


PC#1: My First-born child

ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe

Athlon XP 3000+ (Barton Core)

2x1GB TwinX Corsair DDR (@400, CL2, stock Voltage -> They did it!!)

Sapphire ATI Radeon HD3850 512MB (OC'ed a bit on stock cooling) (YES!! It's AGP!!!)

SeaGate 80.0GB HDD

Pioneer ODD (DVD+-RW) it's almost as old as I'm - one of the first ones in the stores.

Powered by Tagan 380W PSU

Revoltec Lightboard XL2 + A4Tech Optical mouse (5btns + 2scrls) (the tag long ago went missing)

LG Flatron 775FT it's about 11 years old, but doesn't seem to age at all


PC#2: My Wife's PC

ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe

Athlon 2500+ (It's Barton too)

2x512MB TwinX Corsair DDR (@400, CL2, stock Voltage -> They did it again!)

ASUS ATI HD2600Pro 512MB (no O.C. this time)

Seagate 40.0GB HDD

No ODD (got it killed the other day, didn't ever need it anymore too)

Tagan 330W PSU

Noname keyboard + Regular A4tech Optical Mouse

Pacomp 14" CRT Display


PC#3: The X

ECS K7VZA (can't really tell, i've been switching this Mobo a few times)

Sempron 1800+

2x256 Samsung Server SDRAM

HIS ATI Radeon 7500 (Is to be swapped with a spare 9550)

1xToshiba HDD 20.0GB 1xSeagate 40.0GB

No ODD -> This PC never ever needed it

SeaSonic 200W PSU

4x Realtec Ethernet PCI Cards ;)

No Keyboard no mouse

Yes, it is a server/router in my network does all the game servin things. The OS is Gentoo 2007.0 + wiewior's mods ;)


PC#4: The Gaming rig

Shuttle G31 barebone

Intel C2D Wolfdale E8400 (can;t O.C. due to XPC Shuttle case)

2x1GB Samsung DDR2 (@800, CL5)

Leadtek GF9600GT+ (+??)

1xSamsung Spinpoint Drive about 400.0GB ;)

Samsung ODD

Shuttle's PSU They say it's 280W(?)

Revoltec Lightboard XL2 Keyboard + IBox Mouse

KVM Switched to my LG Flatron


I'll try to post a picture of this setup ASAP ;)


best regards,



P.S. and no I don't have 2xGBit Switches to network all of this ;)

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here is my desk and a few pics of my new rig i just built. still waiting on my network and sound cards and ballistix tracer memory and freezer 7 pro. hopefully they'll be here by friday.





front of black pearl



inside case



ocz ssd 30gb(to show how small it is)


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lol na u should see the bottom of the case. the psu i have is WAY overkill. has enough pci-e plugs to run 3 vid cards, twelve sata hard drives, 9 moles plugs, 8 pin and 4 pin mobo power plug lol. its a little redicilous. it even has its own ground wire.

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ooo... workstation means that place where i setup my rig?
Look at the rest of the pictures in this thread and I'm sure you'll come to that conclusion...


There is another thread for rig pictures and the title if you break it up is "work + station", so the station where you work (or play).



I know your main language may not be English (Malaysian I'm assuming?) but try not to ask small questions like that in threads if you don't understand things.


Try Googling the question you have in your mind before you make a post just to ask it, often times you'll get an answer quicker.

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Finally got around to taking a pic of my desk, which I recently cleaned. At some point in the future I'll take a pic of my HTPC/Gaming area.



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