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New Pc Suggestions

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This is what im looking at...



Abit IP35 Pro


C2D E6850


Thermaltake 120 as far as i know is the best cooler out there for air any other suggestions?


Still up for deciding(need something good at oc'ing and stable)

Video Card:

7800gtx evga(using it in current build) one for now as i dont deal with gaming that much.


Going to use my current raptor drives then and run them in raid-0

2xseagate barracuda 1tb 32mbcache drives for now then later add 2 more will run those in raid-1

Power Supply:

Will remain my 700w gamexstream OCZ


The case im still up for suggestions/deciding as im using my current cheiftec dragon which is green :D lol, im debating looking for a case though that has more room for harddrives as i have high space needs.


Sound ill be using my current soundblaster gamer soundcard for now prob upgrade that later.


So now look at this build and help me find weaknesses and or bottlenecks. I know that my vid. card doesn't have dx10 but i use xp 64 and i plan on using it for a while so i have no need for dx10 for now.


Edit: btw i didn't know exactly which part of the forum to put this into, so sorry if its in the wrong forum


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I moved the topic to the Misc Hardware section. That's usually where we put build questions.


As for the memory, I'd suggest the A-Data set that we just reviewed here. It's got D9 chips in it for great overclocking, and it's SUPER cheap.


For the cooler, it's ThermalRIGHT, not Thermaltake :) But yes, the Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme is pretty much the best air cooler out there right now.

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ah my bad i was saying thermalright but typing thermaltake lol. now the question is to get the money for this. Will eventually get a 8800 or better, but for now the 7800gtx is doing its job. I mostly do video encoding so a beefy video card isnt a priority.

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