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Issues with booting up


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I just purchased a Seagate 320gb 7200rpm SATA II drive. I have the following system specs:


evga 680i A1

intel q6600

corsair 4gb ram

evga 7600gt 256mb


Sorry I just gave the short and sweet of the specifications. Basically my issue is I install vista on the hard drive and it gets through all of the installing, it restarts as vista normally does before performing the final stages of installation but once it gets past the vista loading bar screen it flashes a blue screen really quick and restarts.


I have reset my bios to original and am now attempting to go back to my old hard drive to try and attempt to figure out whats happening. I am trying different SATA cables and placing them in a different SATA slot.


Does anyone have an idea of what may be happening here?


EDIT: Alright just switched back to my old HDD, same issue. I have taken a picture to try and help more. I have no idea where to take it from here.







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