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OCC News: ASUS Releases Blitz Extreme Motherboard

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ASUS added to it's Republic Of Gamers line today with it's new Blitz Extreme motherboard. It joins such company in ASUS's high end line-up as the Striker Extreme and Crosshair. Now ASUS like to get creative with the cooling on their boards and this is no exception. The Blitz Extreme comes with the "Fusion Block" cooling system, which is basically a pre-applied water cooling block so you can plug your tubes straight in. It also utilises something ASUS is calling "Crosslinx Technology". Apparently, Intel's P35 chipset uses a x16 slot for the first PCI-e card and a x4 slot for the second, so ASUS have split the x16 to give you two x8 slots, which they say will improve performance on Crossfire setups. Another interesting point is the support for DDR3 1333 memory (the board also comes in versions which sport DDR2 slots).


Of course, the board also comes with all the bells, whistles and flashy lights that are associated with high end overclocking boards nowadays. This takes the form of such things as EL lighting for your I/O ports so you can see what you're fiddling with behind your desk and the plug-in LCD display for diagnosing problems during POST.


Expect to see the Blitz Extreme at retailers soon, with a suitably extreme price to match.


ASUS Press Release

Blitz Extreme Product Page



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