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OCC News: SimpleTech Bumps Portable HDD Line To 250GB


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There are already a few external storage devices making use of recently available 250GB 2.5" HDDs (Western Digital's passport line for example). Not to be left out, SimpleTech announced today the addition of a 250GB model to their own portable storage line. The enclosures are designed by Pininfarina, who have been responsible for the look of many Italian sports cars. I don't know how creative you can really get with hard drive enclosures, as you can probably tell.


The drives use a USB 2.0 connection and don't require an extra power connector. They also come with 'one-click' backup software and notably also come with a free 2GB myfabrik.com account so you can store some of your data online or share it with others.


The new 250GB version will set you back $199 and comes with 3 year warranty.

Not as exciting as a Ferrari, but considerably kinder on your wallet.


SimpleTech Press Release



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This makes me mad. I just bought a SimpleTech 120GB drive. I am now realizing that it may not even be big enough to store my backups. I guess I could get a bigger one in the future and sell this one. The one I have is great. I use ghost, though, not the app they include with it.

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