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Just a very short update. I've gotten the bezel put together and just wanted to show how it's going to look. I haven't mounted it, I won't be mounting it until I'm sure that I can't mount a swivel setup like SplitLip's idea. I would really like to have this setup with the swivel. So here is the one photo that I have of the front bezel put together and is just hanging onto the card stock that I have taped into place.


So until the next update remember that all ideas and comments are welcomed and Happy Modding to ya.

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Today I worked on the swivel setup for the 7" screen. So I have some photos for you to see and drool over. So the first photo is of the bezel and swivel portion.


Next is a photo with the bezel mounted to the swivel setup and tilted slightly to show that it will tilt up and down.



Now is the photo of the whole system mounted to a small block of wood that shows that it will swivel at the point of the mounting screw and it will tilt up and down to go along with the swivel to the left or right.


Now the next few photos are with the screen mounted into the swivel system.



The last couple of photos are of the circuit boards, the first photo will be of the two small boards that will be mounted to the back of the screen and the last one will be of the main board that will be mounted to the inside wall beside the screen. So it won't be long before the whole setup is installed into Switchboard.



So there you have it. It took me awhile but I did finally make a setup where the 7" screen will be able to tilt and/or swivel to the side. So remember that all ideas and comments are welcomed and Happy Modding to ya.

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I have postponed the installation of the 7" screen because I getting the parts together to water cool Switchboard. The mobo that's in there is a Micro-ATX and it's coming out to go into my HTPC case and a Epox will be going in with a 2800XP Barton core. I have been piecing my parts for water cooling now for almost a year and I've got most of everything here but a couple of pieces. My main reservoir is not here yet and a Aquabay is en route.


When you are looking at the front panel on Switchboard there is the fan controller that is in the middle and it will be moved to the left where the card reader is at the moment and the card reader will be located somewhere else. I'm thinking about inside the drawer area since I don't use the drawer for a keyboard because Switchboard is hooked to a KVM switch. My main reservoir is a handmade unit and when it comes in I'll post a photo of it and explain more about it then. Once I get this WC setup installed then the 7" screen will be installed. Happy Modding to ya.

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Switchboard is now out of service for the major modification of installing water cooling setup and mobo change. The Foxconn mobo is being replaced with a Epox 8RDA3+ and a 2800XP Barton core cpu. The Foxconn is going into my HTPC CoolerMaster Media case. That will be another project for the near future that I'll start a worklog on when I get everything ready for that. So Switchboard will be down for at least a week for the measuring, cutting and fitting that is required for water cooling setup. Until the next time, Happy Modding to ya.

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I have a small update for you and it will show you a new addition that I will be adding on the front panel of Switchboard. So to start with I have gotten the Aquabay section cut out where it will fit flush with the front panel.




Still have the area for the fan controller to cut out but I'll get it later. I also have the Epox mobo mounted onto the tray. The Swiftech water block is on the cpu but I don't have any AC5 on because I plan on lapping the block because it looks as if it hasn't been used in years and it's quite tarnished, not to mention that I think I should also disassemble it to give it a good cleaning on the inside. As far as I know it could have a nest of spiders in it. lol So I still have some work to do on the blocks that I have. I have blocks for the Northbridge and one for a graphics card if I have the mind to cool them with water. In fact I have a whole lot of cleaning to do to most of my parts since they all have been sitting for over a year collecting dust and what not. Here is a photo of my graphics card to show you what I mean about needing a cleaning.





To help give Switchboard a dressed look and to get away from it looking like I'm just throwing things into the front panel, I went to Lowe's today and picked up a new front section.


My plans are to have the fan controller, Aquabay and the DVD burner all flush with the plexy and then maybe some etching to dress it up and then some LED lighting also. So there you have all that I have at the moment. So all ideas and comments are welcomed and remember Happy Modding to ya.

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Another small update for today. I worked on getting the fan controller fitting flush with the front wood panel and got that done before I started to cook. Here are a couple of photos of that done.




The mail came today as usual but today I had a package from a friend that a lot of people know of. As I have stated in earlier posting that this project is coming about mainly because of friends and family that are helping out by one way or another. Marlene Karr helped by getting me the Aquabay, thegrimone sold me a box of stuff that had rads, water blocks and many many more things, Tech-Daddy with the purchase of some memory and a cpu, brightshininglights and the fuses that he located and shipped to me and last but not least was the package that arrived today from Tribaloverkill which delivered not one but two reservoirs, one setup for dual loop and the other for single. It's projects like Switchboard that keeps me from going stir crazy from lack of work or sitting on the couch and becoming a couch potato that's big and fat from lack of movement, I've put on 55lbs since I worked and didn't like it and I lost 35 of it now and it seems to be just short of impossible to loss the rest of it but I'm trying and it's thanks to folks like those above that help keep me doing something. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you that have helped me put this project into the reality side of life. Here are some more photos of the reservoirs that arrived today.





So there you have it for today. It's already pushing a 100F outside so I don't plan on working in the garage anymore today. So all ideas and comments are welcomed and remember Happy Modding to ya.

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Well here is another update for you folks. I hope you like what and how I did as much as I do. I was thinking today about my heat problem that I was having with this unit. It wasn't as high as some people run but still my temps were usually around 47C. My other machine is running around 35-36C. Granted the gaming machine has a better cooler but still it was using heatpipe tech and I feel that I could do better. My power supply was sitting on the bottom of the case and was pumping out the heat into the case itself. Bad idea! So I moved the power supply above the mobo tray, so if any heat gets out of the power supply at least it rises. The next thing was to get rid of the heat from the power supply and that was done by way of a exhaust port thru the rear door. Here are some photos of the work on the heat removal.





Those were of the mountings that I put into the unit to hold the power supply into it's new location. Next group will be the exhaust port that I put into the unit.








Now this last group will show you how close I was able to get to the power supply with the exhaust port and the alignment of the two. I'm please with it.



The last photo was taken with the lens against the door jam and then the door against the lens and with the door shut it's within a 1/16th of an inch, so it should get a larger portion of the heat out of the case instead of into the case. Have all of the items that mount to the top panel and flush with the front panel. Now to get the plexy drilled and mounted but that's for another update. I also have a photo with the mobo tray in and all of the wire management done until I start working on it again.


Okay, there you have all of the work that I was able to get done today. I'm pleased and all ideas and comments are welcomed. Happy Modding to ya.

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This is just a add onto the earlier update because I forgot to tell you that all of the peripherals that are mount to the top front panel are all flush with the panel now. Here is the only photo that I took of that part of the case today. That was because I spent most of the time working on the exhaust port and the mounting of the power supply. So now that the parts are flush, I start working on the plexy glass that is going to be mounted in front of all the peripherals. So here is the photo.


Sorry about forgetting to put this into the earlier posting but it happened and so all ideas and comments are welcomed and remember Happy Modding to ya.

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Again while looking into the internal part of Switchboard I was thinking that I needed more walls to attach things to. So the first thing that I did this morning was to build a housing to go around the area of the phone parts and wires. I only needed 2 walls since I would be using the walls of Switchboard to mount it to. I left the top and bottom open for air circulation. Here is a photo of the new section.



Once I got that done my thinking then went to how was I going to secure my wiring and the water tubing from the Fill port which will be in the top of the Switchboard down to the bottom where the pump will be. So I then made a bracket that goes from the middle of the case to the floor of the case. Here is a photo of that.







The last photo is a full length view of the 2 additions that I made and mounted this morning. Once I had that done I was placing my water cooling parts into the case to see where they would best fit and I had a problem fitting the radiators. I have a power strip mounted on the bottom right side and not enough room to put the radiators beside the power strip, so the power strip came out and it was relocated to the new wall around the phone area. With the power strip there it opened up the area where it was so that the radiators will now fit where the power strip was. Here are some more photos showing the new location for the power strip and where the radiators are going.






So with all of that work done it was time to do some wire management. So the rest of the photos will be shots of the interior as I managed to put wire away neatly.




So there you have it, all of the work that I've done today and now the heat is on the rise so I don't think I'll be back out there any more today. I might but don't hold your breath waiting for me. So all ideas and comments are welcomed and remember Happy Modding to ya.

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lol i wish i had that much tallent

looks great man :thumbs-up:

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lol i wish i had that much tallent

looks great man :thumbs-up:



This is a [email protected]$$ project man ;)


Thanks guys for your compliments and I'm glad that you like my project. I've been working on it now for just short of a year and still have quite a bit left to go. I still have a 8 port switch for my home network that's going in so that the cables that will be coming up thru the table will plug into the connections that are at the top of the front panel. Each one of those connections will complete the circuit for each computers internet service. So still a bit to do yet. Happy Modding to ya.

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