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XFX nvidia 680i Lt

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Hello, does anyone have this MB? I am getting one but I also want to get a cooler for the cpu because its a quad and I have not been able to find a cooler that says it will work with this board.

I would like to get the maxorb from thermaltake but im not sure if it will clear the northbridge.

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Tuniq Tower 120 will work better and shouldn't have a problem clearing it. There's a lighted version for ten bucks more too.


And the Ultra-120 Extreme and Si-128 by Thermal Right will work fine, but will not cool as well as the Tuniq in my opinion. It also requires other fans. I have the Si-128 myself and it clears the north bridge on my 680i vanilla (both NB coolers are about the same height), but installation is a major pain.

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