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Occ News: Belkin Washable Mouse


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If you are anything like me you probably spend far too much time in front of a computer.

With this, and the fact that many people use laptops for work in various locations (such as the local cafe), you may often find yourself having a quick snack or drink while at the screen. Now this has the potential to get messy, and we all know liquids and technology don't play well together.


Belkin thinks it has an answer to this, with it's new washable mouse. The basic premise is that it will resist any wayward spills and can be hand washed under a faucet to remove any of those grubby marks. Other features are pretty standard, with a 1200dpi optical sensor and USB cable. The usual scroll wheel is replaced with a 'pad' which can scroll horizontally as well as vertically.


You should see it launch in late August in the US, with other regions to follow.

Expect to pay around $30


post-8605-1182947741_thumb.jpg post-8605-1182947829_thumb.jpg post-8605-1182947766_thumb.jpg

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that thing's ugly.


I don't think it's ugly.

It's not particularly sexy looking, but I reckon it's pleasant enough. I like the colour choice.


Would have been nice if they could have done away with the wire, but hey that's probably quite difficult to do while still keeping it water resistant.

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