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8600gt Question


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just a quick question

i just ordered a pair of the Fatal1ty 8600's to throw on the FP-IN9 SLI

i just want to know if anyone had any experiance with either of the parts and how well they can be oc'ed, as this is going to be my first attempt, we will see how it works out

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You should have gotten a single 8800GTS for that money! It would have performed on par with them and you still have the possibility to pop in another card sometime down the road.




I don't get why you ordered 2 8600gt's when you could have gotten an 8800GTS for $280 and it could of probably out preform the 2 8600gt's.

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i wanted to give SLI a shot

i know its not the best reason but i have no experiance with it.

sorry, but you made a mistake by doing so.


I've never experienced dual CPU's but i'm not going to go out & buy a dual Athlon MP rig just because i want to experience it. You should buy the best you can afford & in this case you didn't :(

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i could do that

they havent showed up yet and im within the return window

If you can, it might be a good idea. If not, it's not like it's the end of the world. The 8800 will be a better performer, but I don't think it's like a night-and-day sort of thing. Plus, I've often wanted to give two cards a go myself, just to see how it's done. I can't really blame you there.


As far as overclocking, you never really know until you try. The other thing to keep in mind though, is that when overclocking two cards together, you'll have to stick to the max speed of the slowest one. Like if one OC's 20% and the other 15%, you'll be suck with running 15% or the other one will start having issues.

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Verran, the improvement is worth the following:

All benches done on my old rig, since sold off :(

Athlon X2 4400+ @ 2.7GHz

2x1GB G.Skill HZ's with UCCC chips @ 3-4-3-8 @ 270MHz (I suppose? Dunno if this might not have been the Speedlines already, that would have been Infineo CE-6 chips @ 3-3-2-8 @ 270MHz also)

1x EVGA 7800GT or 2x EVGA 7800GT's in SLI @ Arctic Silencers @ 490/1170MHz both of them

2x160GB @ RAID-0

All on a DFI Lanparty SLI-DR Expert board


3Dmark03 Single card:



3Dmark03 SLI:



3Dmark05 Single Card:



3Dmark05 SLI:



3Dmark06 Single Card:



3Dmark06 SLI:



And now for comparison with my X1950Pro and Conroe setup, the system in my sig scores the following in 3Dmark06:


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