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OCC News: Seasonic Intros the S12II Series

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OCC News Post

Seasonic Press Release




Anyone familiar with power supplies will know the name Seasonic.

It is one of the larger manufacturers of power supplies and produces units not only badged under its own name, but for a number of other brands as well.

Its units also feature heavily on our own Recommended Power Supplies List, the original S12 series being among them.


So what does the S12II bring to the table? For a start it will be available in 330, 380, 430 & 500 watt variants.

This may seem small in comparison to some of the 1000W+ units that have become popular, but it should cover all but the most power hungry of systems.

A notable feature is the use of solid polymer aluminum capacitors instead of the regular electrolytic variety.

This is becoming more common on motherboards and it is nice to see it now making its way into power supplies as well.

The use of solid polymer capacitors should increase durability and potentially performance as well.

Other features include an 80+ efficiency certification and the addition of the new 6+2pin PCI-E connector on certain models.


The original S12 series was also noted for being particularly quiet, so if the S12II can maintain or improve upon this, then it should be popular.

There is no word from Seasonic on pricing or availability, but the S12II has already been spotted at retailers in several European countries.


Hit the pictures for more detailed specs for the different models.


post-8605-1181959207_thumb.jpg post-8605-1181959296_thumb.jpg

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