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Howto: Overclock C2Q (quads) And C2D (duals) - A Guide V1.7

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Intel E2160 CPU ( Cooled by Sunbeamtech- Core Contact Freezer 92mm ...with Arctic Silver 5 thermal grease)

XFX 630i motherboard with NvidiaGeForce 7100 GPU

Apacer DDR2 6400 1gb X 2 RAM

WD 250gb HDD

Coolermaster Elite 390W PSU


I managed to stretch out my CPU to 2.7GHz from stock 1.8GHz

My Ram is running at 300 X2MHz at 2.0V from 1.8V stock voltage


Problem is that I am unable to get my cpu ot clock at 3.00GHz

Whenever I clock my RAM to 333 X2Mhz , system won't start!

Please, guide if there are some other settings I need to tweak???

Like, Northbridge Voltage, RAM voltage or CPU Voltage ???


How can I "OC" my CPU/RAM further more than 3GHz????

I've uploaded relevant images of the sytem info.





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I have the intel E2180 @ 3.2 from 2.0ghz(stock), XfX 680I lt mobo. After reading some of the forum thoughts on the nvidia chipset boards, I think I hit that oc wall. Board refuses to post after 333bus speed, just stops at bios and wants to change fsb back to stock settings. This board only supports chips up to a 1333fsb, is that why it won't post after 333bus speed? I'm happy with the 3.2 oc but know that this chip could go to 3.6 with no problem. I know most of you don't like the nvidia chipset boards but this board has been great up until this point, might have been dissapointed with a faster chip though.untitled.bmp

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Version 1.6.1 is up. Totally re-wrote the section on memory which now includes a discussion on both DDR2/DDR3 and formulas you can use to calculate max supported FSB of a given module based on it's DDRX-Y and PCX-Y designations. Also re-ordered the first part of the guide.

Where is that guide?

Should I see a link on the page? I am using firefox...

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Hi, sry if this is already addressed in the guide or another part of this post, but how can I identify my north bridges current temp. I just grabed CPUIP, which is great by the way, and I cannot locate it. The only theory I have going is its the system temp.

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great work , very good guide on how to Overclock

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Hello Ladies and Gents, first time post but long time reader.


Anyhow i just installed a liquid cooling set-up into my rig (the NB is cooled aswell) and im having dramas getting a decent O/C (+3.3Ghz) with the system.


Intel 975 Asus P5WDH dlx 2801 Bios




Corsair Dominator 4Gb PC2-8500 ( 2x2 )


Now ive tried just about everything ive read but above 360Mhz FSB x9 the board becomes very unstable. From what i can understand this is the INFAMOUS Intel NB wall - meaning that the processor and ram etc can O/C alot higher BUT the NB chipset is the cause of the instability because the increased FSB O/Cs the NB too high.


With this in mind to try and squeeze more performance ive tried running the ram at high freq by choosing higher dividers in the bios but if i choose anything but 1:1 EG 720 Mhz in this case it wont POST even with higher DDRV and even though the ram is rated to 1033Mhz.


So unless ive missed something painfully obvious ( Please GOD not on my first post plS!!!) im in abit of a fix!


Ive read forums where ppl claim an easy 3.6Ghz O/C with this board and processor.


I believe that a way around this is by manipulating the NB strap using tools such as Clockgen, cpu tweeker etc but as im running Win 7 ultimate 64 Bit these programs fail to load.


Is this due to Quad pumping the BUS with the Q6600 as i see that ppl running a E6600 dont seem to have the same problem? Anyhow any help would be much appreciated and yes ive tried almost every conceivable combination of V settings in the Bios and i've got the Bios set up as suggested with all the norm disabled etc

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Excellent Guide :)


I wanted to OC my processor [i am total noob at this]

But I couldn't


My System:

Pentium Dual Core E5400 2.7GHz

Gigabyte G41M-E2SL

2GB DDRII 800Mhz


What I did:

Multiplier Value: 13 (6-13 Supported) Fine Tuning .5

CPU Clock Overclocking : Enabled (Value 266, 200 is the default) [266x13.5=3.6Ghz]


What I got:

After restarting when to start the windows-

BOOTMGR Image is corrupt. System can not load.




I didn't change anything else. Then I set back to OC to disable then windows started again. Then I lowered the multiplier to OC it 3.33Ghz but the same error occurred.


Does OC has any issue with windows 7?

Running 64bit Win7 Ultimate.

If I OC windows doesn't start.


Any solution?

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