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OCC News: Akamai Introduces Real-Time View into Health of the Internet


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OCC News Story




How healthy is the Internet? That's a question Akamai Technologies intends to answer using a new set of free tools available via their web site. Akamai is in a unique position to monitor various aspects of Internet traffic as they operate over 25,000 servers in 750 cities that are used by content providers to bypass various bottlenecks in the Internet's infrastructure.


You can use their various tools such as the Real-time Web Monitor to view network traffic statistics, display the ten worst performing cities world wide in terms of latency and even look at the number of network attacks by geographic region. Akamai's tools also let you look at how people are using the Internet for items such as news, retail and music.


There's a lot of statistics you can play with here if you're in to that kind of thing or simply want to know why your lag times are so dang high while playing your favorite FPS (yeah, right, blame it on the lag!)


Akamai Press Release



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