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Weird problem.

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Ok guys so I'm fixing a computer for a family friend of mine. Basically it was full of crap (norton, heaps of toolbars etc) and was apparently freezing everynow and then. Basically the first thing I did was test all the hardware:


Seagate seatools - no physical errors - NTFS was bad though

Memtest - 3 days - no errors

Prime95 - 3 days - no errors

Disk check - no errors

Defrag and clean up files.


After all this I still had the symptoms

Basically every now and then it would grind to a halt. Some windows would work (move around the screen etc), mouse would work, start menu would not open, other windows would not respond to anything. A restart fixed it, but then it would just happen again. So I then backed up all the data, and did a fresh install of XP. Upon first boot everything seems fine, then after a while it starts to do it again, when trying to updating windows or something, it just hangs, mouse responds, start menu doesn't. Just sits there looking at me.


what the heck is wrong with this computer???

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