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Cell Phone USB Device Charger Mod

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I don't know if I'm the only one here with this problem. But my phone frequently dies, and I do not want to haul a phone charger with me wherever I go (Which is annoying in both carrying the transformer, and plugging the thing in). However, I'm frequently next to some sort of computer. So I got an idea from a website (I forget where now) who spliced a male USB connector to a phone charger cable.


Standard USB Slot= 5V DC that supplies about 500ma.

My Phone (LG PM-225, cheapo)= 5V at about ~750ma.


What luck, I could just straight splice a USB male connector to my phone charger without the use of any resistors or rectifiers.



USB Extender Cable

Phone and charger

Electrical Tape

Soldering Tools


Here are the cables I'll be working with.



Initial Cutting



The Finished Cable



Success! I can now charge my phone on the go from my laptop.




I didn't want to throw away my old charger, so I just spliced the female USB connector to it. Woohoo.



There we have it folks. This can be done for any phone out there. If your charger does not happen to be 5 volts, then you can still do something like this. You'll just need some other equipment into the cable, still simple.


EDIT: I forgot to mention I can charge other USB devices (ipods etc.) from my phone charger/transformer now that it has a female USB connector on it!

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