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Suggestions for new Wireless Router

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My current router, Linksys 54G seems to have died on me. I'm not really that upset since it's a POS and needed reboots every other minute. So I was hoping you guys could throw out some suggestions for a new router since im not going back to the same one.

A bit of info about my use. I have two computers using wireless (range is not an issue)

One Hardwired, (me) Other that WoW, bit torrent, and some other P2P apps Im not really a power user when it comes to networking. I'd just like something that doesn't need reboots all the time, easy to setup and secure. Price range of about $50ish Wanna keep it under 60.


After reading review on the linksys 54GL http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16833124190 I'm a lil put off by the negative reviews about poor p2p speeds.


Any other suggestions would be great.

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I have the WRT54G and it works great. The WRT54GL you linked to is supposed to be pretty good. The WRT54GR over at newegg comes with a free 1GB flash drive. lol

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