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Vista (and other OS type) Questions

Assassin X

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Ok, I am going to be "upgrading" XP to Vista...maybe and had some questions.


1. Everyone has told me when you upgrade, alot of previously installed programs have to be reinstalled. Is this true? I thought all it is, is the EXEs don't work right? When I upgraded to XP all I did was create shortcuts for all my programs and everything worked fine again.


2. Do you "have" to have Vista? I mean WIN 98 while good was still bad enough that XP had many great features! I don't really see any thing amazing with Vista besides GUI stuff and more system strain.


3. Is it possible to have to OS's at once? As in I have two hard drives, each with their own OS? I don't want to start with a fresh HD and rather keep my current HD but as stated in the 1st question am not looking forward to losing a bunch of installed programs!


4. Do you know if you needs Vista in order to have a "Windows Live" account?


5. Since I am a gamer and will be getting a DX10 card and dual monitors and video cards do I need vista for any of those or will it not really matter since its JUST and OS?

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1. Yes some programs may not run after a fresh install. Some will work but will not show up in Start menu.


2. I tried Vista Ultimate I got bored pretty fast and ended up going back to Xp just recently.


3. Yes it is possible to have two OSs at once its known as Dual-Booting. If you want it all on one HDD, first you need to install XP with a decent amount of space on the HDD known as a partition, then install Vista on the other half of the HDD partition. Afterwards when you boot up PC you will be asked which OS to boot up with. You will still have your data saved on 2nd HDD if you didn't reformat it.


4. Yes you will need Vista for a Windows LIVE! account, because all the Windows LIVE! games will most likely be Windows Vista ONLY titles. Such as PC Halo 2.


5. As a gamer myself DX10 will not show its talent until later on this year. Not many games will be released that use DX10. Don't let that stop you from getting one if you truly want one. As any of the 8800 series will beat any other DX9 card out there. The AMD/ATI R600 should be releasing this year so that should provide some competition with Nvidia's 8800 GTX.

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