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ATI Remote Wonder


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has anyone had any luck installing the ATI remote wonder? I reinstalled my home media center rig with Vista... what ever in the heck the top of the line version is (see how much I like this OS?).




the remote is seen by the device manager right out of the gate. but doesn't work. install the ATI drivers for Vista from thier site... reboot and it goes into a cycle of rebooting. safe mode and unistall the driver and it'll boot normal but the remote is still useless.



I'd use apple's front row, but the remote is just as useless there unless you want to play with hacked linux drivers that crash all the time :(



Looks like I'm either stuck buying the MS remote or going back to XP MCE unless anyone has any suggestions.

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there are specific vista (3.04) and XP (3.02) drivers for it.



and I don't think it's so much an ATI problem. it's a vista problem.



really angers me to think what we did for all that time in DVS at MS :( all the hard work that whole department put forwards was HOSED by some big wig in a corner office who didn't think it was important enough.




edit: they pulled the drivers off the ATI site today! however OFFICIAL OS X drivers were released today.



I'm thinking it's time to go OS X and Front Row over Vista or XP with MCE.

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I Got my remote wonder to work on windows vistajust like it did on windows xp! you have to get the latest drivers for windows xp MCE.

install the software and restart when it askes you. ignore the error windows. after it is finished, go to this address:

C:\Program Files\ATI Multimedia\RemCtrl

Right-click on the "ATIRW" file and go to its properties.

under compatiblility mode, check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" And select "windows xp (Service Pack 2)"

then under "privilege Leve" check "Run this program as an administrator. press ok and restart windows.

when windows loaded you will see on the taskbar that windows blocked it from running, just unblock it. (you will have to do this every time)


By the way Ati does not plan on making a driver for vista compativility.


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