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Building the best setup ever!

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Well my friend wants the best setup ever. He said he doesn't give a crap how much it costs or what it needs and just wants it to have the best hardware it can possibly have to the extreme. May I not mention that this sucker is filthy rich. So here is the setup I got in mind:















Power Supply:




Video Card (He wants this is SLI):






As for the Water Cooling System, DVD drives, Harddrives, Monitor, keyboard, Mouse, and case I will think of later just not right now. But please tell me how good would this setup peform. I have never did a system for no one else but my self before, atleast as far as I can remember or w/e. Anyways tell me what you guys think. And remember price doesn't matter

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Please link to stuff like this:


Name of Item


This reminds me of a post on andatech about a month ago...


Make sure to get him at least a 30" monitor, or two. The 3007-HC from Dell is nice (is it out yet?). HP and Samsung have nice ones too.


I suggest checking out the widescreen gaming forum for a good 30" montior.


Or, wait for those 1440p TV's to come out...


But, don't waste a kick-. build on some small monitor. 23" minimum, in my opionion. (Or by res, 1920x1080 minimum.)

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I know I know guys but I am just following what he asked, and that is to have the best I could find out there and the most costly. The guy doesn't really know alot about computers which pretty much tells why the situation is like this. But he does do alot of hardcore gaming like with fear, wow, and others. I probaly will even end up OCing it for him if I explain to him what OCing is and how it benifits. Right now I think he is currently using a amd setup with a geforce 7600GT

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buy the quad, give him your OC'd 6300


no way in hell he'll know the difference

lol, really. Tell him that it costs like $200 more than it really is, and pocket it...


No Killer NIC or a good Intel NIC?


That mobo only has 2 PCI slots...heh

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best setup ever is just an idiotic statement he's making.



"best" is subjective to needs. in pure number crunching a system like IBM's deep blue will put anything he builds to shame. however it can't even play the original doom.



even going C2 or X2 / FX makes no sense. there are apps there than run better on one than the other. such is the same in the ATI / Nvidia arms race.



not to mention it won't even be top dog in 2 weeks (always the case). heck the 880GTX is about to get the bump to #2 in a few week. and with it the 680i chipset will be forced to be #2 (due to the x2900xtx being a CF setup). and within days of that launch comes the 8900GTX and 8950GX2... so we're back to SLI for a few minutes. makes his whole over spending just pointless. plus you have some newer 45nm Intel chips coming out soon





as far as your spec'd parts... dump that mobo. I've pulled all the asus 775 boards out of my stores due to the failure rate on them. better bet is the DFI lanpart 680i for an SLI setup. plus if he's building a killer rig, why the pittance of ram? 4gb samsung sticks are out. toss in 4 of em and go from there :)




oh and here's my suggestiong on a "killer rig"


Apple mac pro, highest end dual xeons (will out perform any c2 at a lower price), 16gb, dual x2900xtx (it's a CF board with an intel chipset). runs XP and OS X. plus it's someone else's problem to warranty it.

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