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Hey everyone, I had said that I had gotten into lasers while I was away, and i guess I never posted any videos of some of the stuff i've done... so here are a few videos, some of them are with my new 125mW red Pulsar from Wicked Lasers, but most are of my 55mW green CNI laser from Wicked Lasers. Pretty soon I will have a bunch of videos of my 125mW green Evo from Wicked Lasers also, but the one i had was broken, so i'm RMAing it right now.


if anyone wants to buy a wicked laser my referral link gets you 5% off any purchase, but think twice before ordering, as green or red protection goggles (cheapest price anywhere is on wicked lasers) ARE REQUIRED with any of these lasers, otherwise you WILL go blind, and I am not kidding about that. so when you think about cost, automatically add $50 for goggles, no questions.


my referral link (your 5% discount code):



also you may want to think twice about ordering these if you are in the USA or in the UK, as the legal FCC limit in the USA (without a 5-point safety system) is 5mW, and the legal limit in the UK is 1mW. but thats not legality, thats just FCC regulations.


anyway, if anyone has any questions, head to the forums at


or PM or ask me here.


anyway, down to the awesomeness.






















more to come soon.

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thats sweet...

i was lookin at the phoenix a few weeks ago. if my new job pans out, i might just get one. will there be problems if i try to order a 75mw model? and when you say goggles are a must, are you saying that it will make you go blind even if your not looking into the beam?

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even a quick reflection from anything above 15mW could give you permanant eye damage. i'd say anything above 55mW in the eyes would instantly damage your eyes permanently.


don't forget to use my referral code if you buy!


and there isn't a regular phoenix anymore, they switched to two models of green lasers. one of them has a thicker beam, but stays better quality for a longer distance (executive) , the other model (Evolution) is focused and will burn things without a lens, but is not good at all with distance burns.


the red pulsar that i use in my videos is more like the executive model. even at close it can't burn anything without a lens because of the beam diameter , but you can burn a match at 100 meters if you do use a lens.


heres a story about a guy and a quick blast form a 15mW laser into the eyes.




just get the goggles, you'll be happier. in fact, i'd get two so you can show your friends burning, and so you can use a video camera to record the stuff. (i have experimented with taping with the camera wearing the goggles, havne't done anything cool yet though.)

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Lasers are so entertaining, If I had one of these bad boys I could occupy myself for months...


I mean, just imagine how cool it would be to burn objects with "LIGHT", shine it through prisms, aim it at the sky and visibly see it go 10 miles, and just generally fooling around with them!! (safely of course)

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lol yeah that eye guy was pretty stupid.



I actually did a lot of stuff for physics with the lasers, other than physics experiments, and just being the coolest things in the world, there isn't much use for them.


like people that collect weapons, what can you do other than shoot targets or animals (or people :blink:) or with knives and swords, all you can really do with those is look at them and swing them around and hit watermelons.




I also have a photo gallery of all my laser pictures...




theres only 63 pictures in that gallery, but i have a TON more.



but the ability to light a match at 110 meters (i've only done 80 meters so far, i'm looking for a bigger lens, all i have is a 6cm diameter lens) with a red llight is the coolest thing in the world for me. and i love the photography and ability to see the beam easily in a fully lit room. it's like a lightsaber, only real.




and actually i've used the laser to cauterize a wound before. stings like a mother but is better than bleeding to death.







and i know i wasn't wearing goggles in the "16 paces match light" video, i'm sorry :P the goggles i have right now are too strong, you can't see the dot AT ALL with them on. everything 650nm (red) is totally washed out with the red protection goggles I have, so i never would have been able to find the dot :P



but i always wear the goggles when i'm moving the lasers around at all. and i have enough goggles for anyone around also, so they can help/watch.




what did everyone think of the videos?? lame or pretty cool???

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