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I'm looking for recommendations on a motherboard and supporting ram. Here's the details:


Socket 775 for a Pentium D 930 dual core (already have the CPU)

only need 1 PCI-e for GPU (more is okay..but only need 1 for a 7800 GTX that I already have)

sata: doesn't matter..2 or more

ide: just for the DVD Burner

chipset: prefer Nvidia or VIA

onboard sound: doesn't matter...sound card going in

onboard video: doesn't matter...vid card going in

Will NOT be overclocking or messing with the bios much.

Form factor: prefer ATX, but will settle with mATX if it has at least 2 PCI slots

would like to stay at or under $100...

Comp will be used for audio editing and programs such as solid works/cad


I'm looking at putting 2 GB of DDR or DDR2 in this thing (probably the latter since that's all I've seen).

No limitations on that...probably somewhere in the 667 range of speed...doesn't matter really....but also I don't want the ram to cost me an arm and a leg (probably $250 max)....


I'm asking here because I believe that the members here have a bit more knowledge of hardware than the bumbling idiots that post on newegg reviews, etc. So, if you would please give me an idea on what I should go with. I have primarily built AMD stuff in the past, but this is something new I'm going to try. Thanks ahead of time.

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No vista as of yet...might integrate vista later when the software and drivers are better...


The uses will be audio editing and 3d modelling, cad drawing, solid works, etc...


Thanks for the fast reply Makaveli! :)

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