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Average or hot?

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Got the desktop working recently, but I'm a tad concerned, the CPU at idle sits


in the 29-32C range and goes up to about 40C when I'm playing Microsoft Train


Simulator with [email protected] and other apps in the background. The CPU is at stock


speeds and Rambo says his maxes at 45C and his is at 3.03GHz.


Do I need a case fan to help get the air circulating in the tower box?

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those temps aren't bad at all. especially if you feel your case airflow is lacking.




however having BETTER airflow won't hurt even at stock speeds. just be sure you're pull as much air in as you're pushing out. too much in and too much out can be very detrimental to your cpu temps, especially overclocking.



do us all a favor here at occ and post a picture of the inside of your case to help us better judge the airflow issues you think you might be having.







btw, welcome to the club!

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Welcome Cleo, glad to see that you have started [email protected], hope you stick with it, OCC could use the help


It would make things easier if you would be able to post some pictures of how you have your setup...


How many fans do you have inside the case and where are they at and where are they blowing?


Like Bigred said, airflow is a very important part of keeping the components cooled, what I have in mine right now is air from the front going towards the back where I have a fan sucking out...I also have a side case fan sucking fresh air in, which almost directly dumps on my CPU fan...


Hope you enjoy it here at OCC and as always :foldon:

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