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OCC Review: iOne Gemini R16 Keyboard and Mouse Combo


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IOne has used the Greek word for twins in naming their new keyboard/mouse combo, the Gemini R16. It's an office keyboard and gaming mouse set, an unusual combination. However, the keyboard seems to be a promising product with solid construction, professional look, and 40 handy hot-keys. The mouse is pretty light with three re-programmable buttons, four way scroll wheel, and a DPI adjustment button. Oh man I can see all kinds of uses from this set!


As for iOne, I never heard of them up until a few days ago, but after doing some research I found that they're a subsidiary of Itron Technologies. They have been producing computer input devices since 1984 and sell their products at competitive prices all over the world; including Europe, North America, and Asia. I'm surprised that I've never heard of them up until now.



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