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Recent fun with Dell!


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About an hour ago I contacted Dell over the internet as it has been making small noises that are driving me up the tree. What I got was a fun conversation with a Dell representative. They want me to run a diagnostic on the system to make sure the Fans are OK. :unsure: Ummm.... not sure how that works. Anyway I got the conversation for anyone who is bored and wants a small chuckle or something.


Agent: "I will be glad to assist you with that concern."

Oldfett: "Do all of the laptops make ambient noises when on?"

Agent: "Oldfett no all the laptops do not make noise"

Oldfett: "mine hums while on but also makes an intermittent squeak/louder hum"

Oldfett: "I'm concerned about that intermittent noise more than anything as it is annoying like crazy"

Oldfett: "might this be caused by the Hard drive, CPU fan or something along those lines?"

Agent: "Oldfett please mute the speakers and then check if it makes the noise"

Oldfett: "they are muted"

Oldfett: "no change"

Agent: "Please let me know if the noise is intermittent"

Oldfett: "yes"

Oldfett: "it is"

Oldfett: "as stated above"

Oldfett: "with the same wording"

Agent: "Oldfett then we need to run test on the hardware of the system"

Oldfett: "ok"

Agent: "i am providing you steps to run the test"

Agent: "To go to the Dell Diagnostics, Shut down the system first. Turn the system back on and when you see the Dell Logo immediately press the F12 key till the time you see a screen with One time Boot Menu. Select 'Diagnostic' option and hit enter. Then fol"

low the prompts till you get the screen with Dell Diagnostic and Select extended Test.

Agent: "Please note down the error message along with the error code that you will receive when you will run the test"

Agent: "please do not worry, I would arrange a callback especially for you within next 24-48 hours. You would be contacted by a Dell Representative"

Oldfett: "im on my desktop"

Agent: "You would be contacted by a Dell Representative and he would be make sure that the issue is resolved to your satisfaction within the permissible limits. Please provide me the best number"

Oldfett: "so I can do it at the same time"

Agent: "Oldfett it will take long to complete"

Oldfett: "how long does the test take?"

Oldfett: "ok"

Oldfett: "so someone will call me back?"

Agent: "it will take nearly 2 hours"

Oldfett: "or can I just call back"

Agent: "yes"

Agent: "You would be contacted by a Dell Representative"

Oldfett: "so who is contacting who"

Oldfett: "and when"

Oldfett: "and how"

Oldfett: "we have a problem already"

Oldfett: "I formated the hard drive a few months ago"

Oldfett: "so there is no diagnostics partition"

Agent: "okay"

Oldfett: "however in this diagnostic mode the noises have stopped"

Agent: "Please let me know if you have CDs with you"

Oldfett: "no i dont have CD's"

Oldfett: "I did not purchase them"

Oldfett: "in windows the laptop is under near full load"

Oldfett: "would the cpu fan cause that noise"

Agent: "yes it can cause noise"

Oldfett: "would it cause intermittent noises like that?"

Agent: "yes it may cause"

Oldfett: "it may"

Oldfett: "so your not sure"

Agent: "we cannot say anything unless we run test on the system"

Agent: "that why i am asking you to run test"

Oldfett: "so how would a software test detect a problem with a fan?"

Agent: "yes definitely"

Oldfett: "no yes or no"

Oldfett: "how"

Oldfett: "explanation"

Agent: "please do not worry i will send you CD so that you can run a test on the hardware"

Agent: "Oldfett test checks all the hardware parts of the system and fan is one of them"

Oldfett: "how does software check a fan!!!!!!!!??????"

Oldfett: "that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard"

Oldfett: "and I have heard alot"

Agent: "Oldfett it is a program that checks the functionality of the hardware"

Oldfett: "there are no electronics in a fan! You cant run a diagnostic on a fan"

Oldfett: "All we could find out is the RPM of the fan"

Agent: "Yes we can run a diagnostics"

Agent: "on a fan"

Oldfett: "OMG"

Oldfett: "You noob"

Agent: "Oldfett, there are test to check the functionality of all the hardware installed on the Notebook."

Oldfett: "ok how can I get to these tests"

Agent: "This is by design,"

Oldfett: "do I need the CD's or can I download an ISO"

Agent: "I am providing you the steps."

Agent: "You can run the test from drivers CD or you can download the test utility from our Support site."

Agent: "And one partition is created on the hard drive for the test."

Oldfett: "ok where can I download it"

Agent: "We can run the test from that partition."

Oldfett: "as stated I formated the hard drive"

Agent: "I am providing you the link and steps."

Oldfett: "that partition is long gone"

Agent: "Okay, do you have the drivers CD?"

Oldfett: "no"

Oldfett: "I have no disks"

Agent: "Oldfett do not worry i will send you the CD"

Oldfett: "didnt you say there was a download"

Agent: "yes this is download"

Agent: "you can click on it and you will reach the download"

Oldfett: "ok tell me where to click"

Agent: "click on Diagnostic Utilities"

Oldfett: "ok"

Oldfett: "i will run them"

Oldfett: "thank"

Oldfett: "you"

Oldfett: "good day"

Oldfett: "bon voyage"

Agent: "Before I make service for your system ,I need some information as:"

Oldfett: "have fun"

Agent: "1.name of the person or phone no. or address on the accounts/records"

Oldfett: "tootles"

Oldfett: "bye"

Oldfett: "cya"

Oldfett: Blah Blah

Oldfett: Blah Blah

Oldfett: Blah Blah

Oldfett: Blah Blah

Agent: "Please provide me the address at which you want me to send you the CD's"

Oldfett: Blah

Oldfett: Blah Blah

Oldfett: Blah Blah Blah

Agent: "Thank you for the information."

Agent: "now i am making the service"

Oldfett: "See any good movies lately?"

Oldfett: "I recently saw click and thought that was good"

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i never knew you could run a diganostic on a cpu fan to see if its functioning properly, you can check to see if it is running faster or slower than you would prefer using speed fan which could tell you that there is a problem with it (if its going slower) but...just wow lol

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I think they might have some software that can monitor a fan's current, speed, voltage, then calculate the air flow and stuffs, then compare it to the standard data. My guess is that if the fan doesn't reach a certain speed under a certain ampere, the fan is experiencing some sort of extra resistance. That's my guess.

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Their diagnostics test passed with flying colors, the only thing related to the fan was reving it up for a few seconds checking the RPM's and putting it back down and checking the RPM's. It made no noise either way. I ended up starting another topic so that the more professional people of OCC can help me rather than a data sheet at Dell.

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