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Voltage out of range? Asus PC Probe


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I need a some help please.


I am running Win2000 pro and have all the sevice packs installed;


I have the A8V Deluxe motherboard and recently updated my old 3500 XP CPU to the newer Operton Dual Core 170. The bios seems to recognize the Operton 170, when using Asus Probe.


But using Asus Probe, I get a warning saying that my Voltage is incorrect on the +3.3v listing. It says it's only getting 2.832v and it's not enough so I am getting the beeping sound from Asus Probe indicating a problem at that voltage.


Here are the voltage readings from Asus Probe voltage screen:


+12v getting 11.84 (no problem) Ok

+5v gettiing 5.026 (no problem) Ok

+3.3v getting 2.928 (PROBLEM) not OK

0v getting 1.374 (no problem) Ok


I get this error at the default bios settings as well as Overclocking at 10% right now running at 2200 Mhz and seems to be running solid.


How do I change the 2.928 to go to +3.3v?? so it's within the proper range?


Also my bios version is ver 08.00.09 11/14/05

I tried to update it using the A8V-ASUS-Deluxe-1017.ROM in Win2000 and it appeared to flash fine, but in Asus Probe and System Info it still says it's using the 11/15/05 bios ver 08.00.09.


Thanks for any help you can give me.



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I would assume that the asus probe is probably reading the wrong voltage. Remember that software sensors are typically very inaccurate. Have you checked the voltage with a DMM to compare with accurate readings?

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set the DMM to DC... if it has ranges, then usually that will be 20V... put the black probe in a spare black connector on a molex...


put the red probe on any of the orange (+3.3v) cables on the atx loom at the mobo socket


don't use the preset/auto overclocking... do everything manually for best results... auto sucks

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